• Image Left: President of the Board of Summer Solstice, a lawyer in real life. Image Right: Gypsy, 90-year-old actor. photo: Carolina Escobar
  • Jack and Joya from La Quinta, California. photo: Carolina Escobar

On Location, 2002

Assuming the role of a ‘newscaster’ for the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice parade, complete with cameraman and sound equipment, Sale conducted live interviews with parade participants. The brief exchanges were amplified for the parade spectators to hear live as Sale worked his way from the front to the back of the parade. The performance broke with the formal structure of parade performers and fell within the tradition of documentary filmmaking, by exposing the inner workings of an activity while it is taking place.

None of the 700 participants and 100,000 spectators could be certain whether Sale was a “legitimate” media personality interviewing the parade participants during the parade itself. They seemed to question: “This is media, but something is not quite right here,” or “Why are we hearing stories of the parade participants?”

The four-hour performance/intervention explored the community convergence that created the parade in Santa Barbara, CA and questioned the tendency to give one’s power away to media, e.g., by perceiving events differently based on how or whether they are portrayed by mass media.

Four-hour performance, Santa Barbara Summer Solstice, Santa Barbara, CA

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